Thursday, 19 May 2011

Feeling good :)

Hi all!
 So, last time I wrote I said I'd do some form of exercise every day until I go on holiday, and yesterday was the first and only day I have missed, so I'm feeling pretty good as I didn't think it'd last beyond a week! I missed yesterday as it was my first day of exams and we went for a well earned meal. I've had the odd cheeky takeaway but other than that I feel like I'm doing well :) I've been walking, doing exercises in the house like I told you all about last time, and I've even faced my fear of the Davina DVD after I did it last year and put my back out, and it completely knackered me, exhibit A:

I probably should've taken off my make up first! I've been experimenting with porridge too, as it's not great on it's own, my latest discovery (thanks to Katie Rogers for this!) is porridge, blueberries and...Nutella!!!

Looks foul but it was well tasty, and filling! On one pack it said to have 50g, but that was FAR too much, another pack said 38g which was still too much, this portion here was 30g, I struggled to eat it all but think I did well :)
 I'm still sticking in with the houmous, and Kirsty suggested to have melba toast with my soup instead of bread, never looked back, it was lovely and has virtually no calories!
 I went to Tesco today, I usually buy myself at least one naughty treat, but I didn't :D
It's a proud moment! I've never tried the pomegranate before, hope it's tasty!
 I have two exams left over the next week and we go to Zante a week on Sunday, bought a few new clothes, even though I said I wouldn't, I'm a typical female sometimes even though I hate to admit it! But look at this dress!!

Can't wait to wear this on holiday, and I'm actually quite likely to wear it in the UK too :)
 Overall I'm feeling great, I haven't lost anything but I'm told I'm looking good lately, that's enough for me for now!
 Anyhoo, I have lots of revision to do then I'm off on my holidays, so I don't know if I'll get chance to write til I return home, so the next post will probably involve some bkini snaps so we can see how I'm really doing!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Last minute holiday = BEACH BODY PANIC!!!!

 Hi All!
 I've not written in ages for one reason or another, but I've been thinking I should really start back up again, so here goes!
 I've finished bootcamp now, and although I really worked hard at it, I didn't stick to the diet (meals are fine, snacking in between isn't a different story!) so only lost 4lbs, but luckily I've lost an inch and a quarter off my waist and I'm still feeling good about myself...BUT...yesterday, I booked a holiday to Zante, and we leave 3 weeks today, I officially need to up my game!
 So, it's early days, but I had cereal for breakfast, chicken pasta salad for lunch, a healthy tea with more salad, and instead of the Ben and Jerry's Half Baked that I bought half price at Tesco for our DVD (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows =D) snack, I had houmous and sesame seed breadsticks... so proud of me! And to top it off, before the dvd, me and John did a mini exercise routine in his house, including lots of step ups, squats, lunges, crunches, and some press ups using an exercise ball cos that's the only way I can do them! I also walked to work and back :)
 This morning I got up and did more step ups, lunges, squats, press ups and crunches, then I had porridge for breakfast with a touch of golden syrup and a handful of was ok I suppose lol was meant to have blueberries too but they weren't ripe.
 As I said, it's early days, but I'm trying to make sure I do some form of exercise each day, be it strength training at home, a run, swim, gym, walk to work, or aqua aerobics. They're not particularly strenuous but if I do what I can each day between work and revision, it should help, and I'm feeling good already, lets just hope I can keep it up for the next 3 weeks, Zante here we come! I wish I had a pic of how I look right now to compare, but all my recent photos are of me rather drunk (been naughty the last few weeks!) and you can't really see my figure, I'll get one for my next post.
 Time for a walk, until next time...