Monday, 26 March 2012

all work and no play!

Hi all!
 I've gone completely off the radar lately, and completely off the wagon I'm afraid! Work has had to take a priority lately, I've been knocking out 200 hours a month recently, sometimes 70 a you can understand trying to eat carefully, exercise, and blog about it all has taken a hit as a result!
 I haven't been completely terrible, I admit to loosening the reins a bit and not being as strict as I should be, but I have definitely not reverted back to my old ways! I've had a couple cheeky nights out, and also due to being broke I've been necking the cider rather than my beloved Malibu and Cranberry purely because you get more for your money, but that sadly includes a full on beer gut!
 You'll be pleased to know I have managed to get on a nice little shift pattern at work, starting in a couple off weeks, which will definitely make things a bit easier as I will have more of a routine to work around and I can plan my workouts ahead. Things are still in hand though and the shift pattern may not be around for long, so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please!
 I'm off to make myself a little workout plan that I can hopefully stick to regardless of where I am (for those of you who don't know, I practically live out of my car boot between home, work and John's!), and I'll be in touch with updates!
 Hope everyone is well :) x

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