Monday, 2 January 2012

Lets wipe the slate clean!!!

 Dear me I am a bad blogger!
 I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!
 As you may be aware, I started a new job in September, and I've been working CRAZY hours, like 13 hour nights shifts, usually 3 or 4 a week, so as you can imagine, blogging has taken a hit on the priority list, as has eaten healthily, cos when it comes to eating on a night shift, you eat what helps you stay awake! I have actually been trying to be good, but looking back, I've eaten those foods that pretend to be good for you but actually aren't, step up Morissons salad boxes! You think you're being good but because it's self serve you end up with lots of naughty white pasta and potatoes, and not enough greens!
 And exercise? Nope! I've gone from swimming 3-5 times a week to once a month if I'm lucky cos if I'm not at work I'm asleep. But enough is enough, it's time for me to pull my finger out and be a bit more strict with myself!
 I'm making some changes though. I don't want the focus here to be about weight, so the scales are going. I probably weight upwards of 13 stone now, but it's about feeling good whether you're 6 stone or 26 stone, so sod weight! There'll also be no food and exercise diary as such. I will be making changes to my diet, eg. smaller portions, salad and veg with everything where possible, pizza once a fortnight MAXIMUM, less lucozade and cider, more water and exercise etc etc. Instead of the food and exercise diary, I will be focussing on what makes me feel good. Things such as healthy versions of my favourite treats, fun exercises, but also my favourite clothes and beauty products, as well as other things such as days out and other fun stuff...I'm gonna make it up as I go along and hopefully keep it up more this time! Although this isn't necessarily about losing weight, it IS about what makes me feel good, and at the minute what would make me feel really good is losing a few inches; so to that effect, on the first of every month (or there abouts) I will be taking my measurements. This (unfortunately) includes January, I have measured myself on the largest part of each area that I want to focus on, which are as follows (don't judge me please :p):

  • Bust 43inches on the larger part and 40 on the smaller (though I fit into a 36 bra easily!)
  • Waist 36
  • Hips 44.25
  • Left thigh 25.5, right thigh 26
  • Left calf 17.5 and right calf 17
  • upper left arm 12.5, right arm 12.5
If you want to know what these measurements look like, here is one of the lesser flattering photos of me from New Years Eve
this here is my motivation! I am a big girl but I don't think I ALWAYS look this bad, but I am aware that 'surprisingly good' photos happen too, it works both ways :) despite the hideousness, here I am having fun with my lovely manfriend:
we had a great time, just what we needed :)

 So, this week I'm working 12 hour shifts tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but I will try on my days off to be super good, keep track of my progress and get back to you all with what's making me happy in 2012!

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