Monday, 16 January 2012

If you're good, you CAN have your cake and eat it too...sometimes!

 So I had a great week last week, here is a run down of the highs and lows!

  • so last Tuesday I went to Nando's with one of my good friends Kirsty, she'd never been before and she loved it :) I was good and didn't have dessert either, go me! While we were in the Durham area we had a look around the shops, and I found the perfect dress for my birthday
it's so comfy and also has a drop-hem, which I love as I awlays struggle to find shorter dresses that leaves something to the imagination (ie my backside!). It also helps that it was a bargain at £25! I'm looking forward to toning up a bit more and hopefully by my birthday in a few weeks and feeling really good on the day :)
  •  When I got home from Durham I was still so stuffed from Nando's but I knew as I was going to my first Aquajog class that I should eat something so I had a couple of Ryvita and low fat cream cheese. It also didn't help that I was really nervous for the class (I'm not a strong swimmer and I was aware that we'd be in the deep end of the pool so we wouldn't be touching the floor for the whole hour), so I felt a bit sick before going, but once I was there I LOVED it, it was so much fun! We wore a belt that helped us float with ease, and it really works you from head to toe; we did some cardio that also doubled up as toning due to the resistance of the water, and we also used some floats as weights for extra toning, it's definately something I want to keep up!
  •  On Wednesday my free Graze box arrived, I was very impressed! I got The Herb Garden, Cranberry and Honey Nut Granola, Walnut Whip, and the Orange and Ginger Flapjack. Go to to see for yourself what they're like, and if you want a freebie, enter 6PF69Z4, which will also get me £1 off for every time it's used, wining! I liked what I recieved as there was a wide range in terms of calorie and nutritional content, and you got a leaflet with all the nutritional information so you know exactly what you're getting! I especially loved the Herb Garden, which also turned out to be the least calorie-tastic.
  • I have also discovered Linwoods milled flaxseed, sunflower, pumkin, sesame seeds and goji berries, and I am AMAZED! They are superfood and go with pretty much everything. The back of the pack tells you what they contain and gives you lots of yummy ideas for what to eat them with. I especially like it with salads, sandwhiches, soups, and sprinkled on top of fruit and yoghurt. You can find them in Asda next to the muesli. Honestly, try them, they're so tasty!
  •  On Friday it was a special day for me and John, it was our 4 year anniversary, so I decided as I've been good lately, I was going to relax myself and have fun for the weekend. We went to our favourite italian restaraunt on the evening and I had potato skins and a thin crust pepperoni pizza, no dessert though! We then went to the cinema to see Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it was good but ever so slightly disturbing! On the Saturday we got on the train and went to Newcastle for the day. When we arrived we went to Starbucks for a (skinny!) coffee, then we had some fun with the statues:
 after that we did a spot of shopping, I got a bargain tshirt for £5 from Triple S in the sales, and also some lovely bits from the Body Shop; I managed to get an eyeshadow for half price (£4), a hair butter for coloured hair which was £3, and their famous body scrub for a fiver, which is usually £12! After a toastie for lunch we checked out the new Urban Outfitters and all the other lovely shops til we could take no more of the crowds, then went to TGI Friday's for tea, where I thought 'sod it!' and we had a couple of their lovely cocktails and a cajun chicken ciabatta, it was lovely and I didn't feel guilty at all, we had a great day :)
  • Yesterday I got home and finally got round to stripping my hair with the help of Mother Bear, I'm quite pleased with the results, but even after washing it with my beloved Aussie shampoo, I still can't get rid of the eggy smell, and I daren't dye over it just yet in case it just falls out, so this is what I look like at the minute
  • my final highlight of the week is that curiosity got the better of me and I got weighed shortly after my last post, and I was mortified to discover I am 14 stone 3lbs, 4lbs away from the heaviest I have ever been, gutted! BUT in spite of my pigging out (had my first takeaway in 16 days last night), I got weighed today and I have lost 2lbs, yay! I'm not going to get weighed regularly,  I just wanted to know where I started from, and now I can continue counting inches lost as opposed to lbs!
Lowlights of my week included my DIY gel nails coming off less than 30 hours after I did them, won't be repurchasing those! I've been a bit tired and bloated this last week, not helped by the fact that mother nature has been in town too! I have also found out that my Glossybox won't be posted until the 27th of this month, which is a bit later than normal, so I hope it's good when it eventually arrives!

 My plans for this week are night shifts tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, which I am not looking forward to! But on the upside I will be going to aqua aerobics on Wednesday seeing as I can't do aqua jog. Also I'm going to Nando's with me Treacle on Thursday which I'm really looking forward to as I haven't seen her for ages, we've also booked up to see Ross Noble in November, yay!

 I've noticed that these posts are getting far too long for once a week, so I'm hoping to post more often when I can, as I doubt many readers will have gotten to this point now lol for those who did, thanks for reading!
 Have a great week! x

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