Thursday, 2 February 2012

up and down!

 Well, I've been a naughty blogger again, no posts in far too long! The only excuse I have is that I've been having a bit of a shit time lately if I can be quite honest, and when it hasn't been so shit, it's been busy!
 Enough of my moping though, lets get to it!
 Things that have made me happy this last couple weeks are the simple things: lovely texts and thoughtfulness make me smile for ages, and thankfully I've been on the recieving end of such texts from my lovely manfriend, it's weird how even if I haven't told him something's bothering me he seems to know anyway and goes out of his way to make me smile. I won't get soppy and say what the texts said as they were our little in-jokes that would make everyone who knows me disown me!
 Also I finally had my hair dyed after stripping it, it's gone a lovely shade of ginger/copper, I love it! I'e also invested in some more Lee Stafford hair products that I can't wait to try out. Pics will come in the next post I'm sure, as it's my birthday on Monday and I'm having 3 separate celebrations over the next week, can't wait! Speaking of my birthday, I finally found some shoes to go with the dress:

believe it or not, they're really comfortable! Can't wait to paint the town red and have a boogie in these! I also got my first birthday present the other day and I'm absolutely in love with it:
Kermit is awesome!
 In September last year, I went to see a band called The Boxer Rebellion at Shepherds Bush Empire (you may recognise them if you've seen the film Going The Distance, they're great!), they were so good, and they did a beautiful cover of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the Silence', and while bored the other day I searched for it on YouTube. I didn't find the one from Shepherds Bush, but I did find them performing it live at another venue. It's honestly stunning and I wanted to share it with the social networking universe, so I put it on Twitter (@MrsPumpkinShoes) and also linked in the lead singer of the band...he only bloody tweeted me back didn't he! This really did cheer me up, thank you Mr Nathan Nicholson!
 Also, my Glossybox arrived, yay! Got some lovely moisturiser, Clarins face products, eyeliner and primer :)

Things that made me not so happy:
 I'm not having much luck in the world of driving, I ran out of screenwash on my journey to work, scariest drive I've ever done! Also I seem to keep having near-misses thanks to people who clearly can't drive!
 I've been doing a lot of mixed shifts lately and as a result my sleeping pattern is completely messed up, I've resorted to using Johnsons Baby Bedtime products to see if that helps, watch this space! As a result of the lack of sleep, I've also had a whopper of a spot breakout, just in time for my birthday, fabulous!
 I've had to cut my nails right down :( they got so long and lovely...then they started peeling and breaking, yack!
 Amongst some other things, my poor guinea pig shows no signs of improvement, he has lost almost half of his body weight and is not the cute little porker he used to be. He seems ok in mood but he looks knackered and is still in pain from when he had a bladder stone removed, I don't know if it's come back or what, but I fear it may be time for him to go to guinea pig heaven soon, I'm really gutted. Here's Homer looking after him:

My babies <3

 On thesubject of watching the figure, I feel like it's slowed a bit thanks to the dramas in my life, but I'm headed in the right direction :) I should have weighed and measured myself today or yesterday but I've just not had the time, I'll do it soon and update you all :) last time I was weighed tho I had lost 6lbs. I've been eating really well on night shifts, filling up on fruit and seeds etc when everyone else has ordered takeaways or snacked on chocolate.
 To be quite honest, I'm convinced eating well has helped me feel more awake on night shifts, I usually really struggle but the last few have been somewhat easier, definitely and incentive to keep it up, this as well as my jeans feeling way more comfy and a definite visible change in my waist!
 I've even stuck to my one takeaway a fortnight rule, although I could really devour once sometimes, I'm resisting the urge and snacking on my Graze Box instead - if anyone would like to try one for free, use this code: 6PF69Z4 #shamelessplug
 I've been going to aqua aerobics and aqua jog when I've not been working, a Zumba class has also started at the same venue so I'm hoping to try that soon, and I've also found a gym for £20 a month, which I'm going to join next pay day, look at me go!
 On a parting note, I bought the current issue of Cosmopolitan today, if you ever need proof that curvy rules over skinny, here it is:
 beautiful or what!
 Laters x