Monday, 7 March 2011

day 1 and the big weigh in!

 So today has been quite hectic! I slept in, then had to de-ce my car (while wearing sunglasses!!!), and hit some traffic en route to uni, so as a result there was no time for my usual Starbucks breakfast of fruit toast and a cuppa before my 10am lecture, gutted! So I opter for a skinny mint mocha (no cream!) to go...on the plus side I had to power walk to my lecture to make it in time! After the lecture I walked back into town for a smoothie to make up for no breakfast, yum :) went into Tesco express while I was there and got myself a cajun chicken wrap, baked crisps and a bottle of water for lunch, which I ate during my seminar and stunk the room out :p got canny hungry by 3pm though, and found my new vice is spearmint polos and mint imperials! Dad is putting out Sunday dinner as we speak (we always have it on Mondays, don't ask), so will get my meat and veg there, and I've got to take an iron supplement with some fresh orange but after that I'll just stick to water and might have a cheeky glass of milk and a plain digestive for supper, lucky me!

 I've weighed and measured myself, so I know where I'm starting from now. I'm a size 12/14 on top, and 14 on bottom, 12 stone 11.5lbs, which gives me a BMI of 27.7, meaning I'm overweight but not obese, phew! Last year I went from a 37inch waist to a 32, and I'm now a 33, so not as bad as I thought :) going to keep re-doing these every week or so to measure my progress. Ideally I'd like to lose 2 stone, at least 3 inches of my waist, and drop a dress size.

 I've found a website called, which seems to have some good hints and tips, so going to look into that in more detail later.

 I'm working 8am-6pm tomorrow, so that'll keep me on my feet, then I'm going to aqua aerobics on the evening, looking forward to it. Will update next chance I get, wish me luck!

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  1. Hello Dear :) just came through your blog. Actually even Im struggling to lose weight. I was a decent body girl and I got married last may and ended up gaining a lot/... now Im reading this & will visit the site uve mentioned too... hope even I lose about 10 kgs in 6 months or so....
    Im following you gal!!!1 keep it comin ;)