Sunday, 20 March 2011

sometimes, you can't have your cake and eat it too :(

 Hiyaaaa! It's been a while, and I'm on a new laptop, so there'll be more mistakes than usual!

  Eeeeesh it's been a week since I wrote! I'll start from the beginning:

 Last Saturday I was good, I had pasta bake, chicken, veg and garlic bread...then I nicked a slice of pizza off John J (my John's lodger), but burned it off on the Sunday...we went for lunch at the Galley, only ate half of it (they don't do kids portions of what I like), then I had a skinny frappe and we (me and John) went to Barnard Castle and had a nice long walk through the woods, got covered in mud by an excitable dog, then we went to a tea room for a scone and a cuppa...I promise you I'm 23, not a pensioner! After that we went to the Tall ships for tea and I had grilled lemon chicken with the biggest salad I have ever seen!!! Turned down dessert cos I knew I had strawberries and low calorie ice cream waiting for me, but we got back and the strawberries didn't look nice, so I just had the ice cream, was tasty for low cal!!!
 Monday was my usual Starbucks breakfast before uni, Boots bbq chicken wrap, crisps and water for lunch, and Sunday dinner for tea...nothing eventful!
 Tuesday was work 8-6, so I took some Nutella and brown bread with me and had breakfast there, soup and brown bun for lunch, was looking forward to aqua and it got cancelled AGAIN, so in a fit of rage I went to the chippy for tea and had a couple of cans of Scrumpy Jack...feel so guilty and look back over my old photos and wondered why I ever called myself fat, if I was this size again I'd never complain! :

 On Wednesday I was on call for my volunteer work, and I got called before I had chance for breakfast, so almost ended up with Snack-A-Jacks, but then I couldn't do the call so had some toast and juice, followed by soup for lunch :) had my gym induction, it's a nice small gym, so not too intimidating, will definitely be going whenever I can! Had chicken stir fry for tea with rice noodles, then we went to see Elbow at Newcastle :)
 Thursday was hectic! Only had time for a glass of orange then had to go collect my wages before uni, so got a skinny white coconut mocha for the journey to uni...lunch was a mozarella and tomato panini and light frappe, then straight off to another lecture, started to feel quite down and got a bad stomach, so went home early, don't know what came over me but I was just feeling really sad and awful, didn't help that I was bloated and felt minging :( had pasta bolognaise for tea, then made Mam a shopping list of all the stuff I ate when I lost weight last year, I really need to get my fat arse into gear!!!
 Friday I made sure I got up at a decent time cos I had an essay to do, so I had my toast and juice then cracked on til lunch time, had my soup, then finished my essay, RELIEF!!! Had a chill out after that then Mam came home and took me to see her shop, then we went and got me a new laptop cos my old one was dying, then we went to Tesco and got loads of healthy stuff, like chicken, fish, veg etc, but by the time we got back it was getting late and we were too tired to cook, so ended up ordering pizza, how bad!!! Felt so guilty after, I set my alarm to get up and go to the gym first thing in the morning!!! As soon as I had breakfast I drove to Sophie's (friend/uni buddy/gym buddy) and we walked from hers (about 15 minutes) to the gym, and I did 10 minutes on bike, and 20 on cross trainer, got 400 calories off in total, then we walked back to Sophie's, then I drove to John's and from there we walked into town for lunch, which is about 20 minutes walk, then back again...I was soooo tired!!!
 That brings me to today, I didn't get very much sleep but I walked to work from John's anyway, I got the bus back to his when I was done, then went to the gym, I did the same as yesterday, plus 5 minutes on the rower, but didn't burn as many calories as yesterday cos I was tired :( made a lovely tea for me and Mam, we had garlic chicken (them bake in the bag ones), spicy wedges and salad, was lovely! I was going to have some cheesecake afterwards but my brother ate it, I was gutted but I suppose he did me a favour!!!

 My eating hasn't imporved a great amount this week but I feel better cos at least I'm excercising, and the rest is slowly following :) got a long day tomorrow so I'm not going to gym, but I'll be there Tuesday, and hopefully another 2 or 3 days throughout the week too...I might weigh myself next time now that I'm exercising...wish me luck!!!

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