Sunday, 6 March 2011

First post!

 This is my first blog. Basically, last year I decided I wanted to lose 3 and a half stone. I'm 5ft 7.5, was almost 15 stone, and was a very uncomfortable size 14. I wanted to be 10.5-11 stone, and a comfortable size 12. Through careful eating, regualr walks and aqua aerobics, I manged to get down to12 stone 2lbs, and lost 5 inches off my waist and with only just over a stone to go I felt great, as I'd gone from looking like this (that's me 3rd along)...
 to this...
but since then, due to a change in circumstances that I won't go into, I've slowly managed to put almost a stone back on and I'm hating it. So now I'm on a mission to lose a good 2 stone. I have my gym induction next Wednesday, I'm trying to eat carefully again, and I'm starting bootcamp at the end of the month to give myself a little headstart.

 So the thinking behind the blog is that by making it public that I'll be less likely to quit, as any slip-ups will be boradcast on here and it'll be embarassing! I'm going to keep a diary of food, exercise, weight and inches lost (or gained!) and publish it all on here when I can so that I can keep myself motivated. I hope it works! I'll keep you updated...


  1. go for it muc, you have already made the best move by joining the gym and you still go to aquacise so dont feel like you have a long road ahead of you. are you going on a strict diet? you have done really well xx

  2. Thanks :) nah just gonna try do what I did last time, but getting regualr exercise like walks n that will be harder cos there's nowhere to go in Trimdon, hence me joining the gym lol keeping a diary on my phone n gonna put it on here every few days. Gonna get weighed n measured tonight so I know where I'm starting from, eeeep! X