Saturday, 12 March 2011

well and truly off the wagon!!!

 So, the last few days have been a pretty embarassing 'attempt' at trying to lose weight, and so I have accepted that this week I will have lost nothing! I'll start from the beginning...

 Tuesday I had to work 8am-6pm, so I took my Nutella and a slice of wholemeal bread with me and made toast while I was opening up, followed by a skinny frappe...I went to Marks and Spencer for my usual tin of soup for lunch, and discovered it has 1100 calories in it, mortified! So settled for an alternative flavour which turned out to be utterly foul, so I basically just ate the bun, some Malteasers and some Lucozade, and was starving 10 minutes later :( when Kirsty (my colleague/friend) went for her lunch she bought my favourite spicy chicken sandwhich from Tesco (guilt free and very tasty!) and split it with me, and she also got me some Lilt as it isn't too calorie-tastic, so that cheered me up :) aqua aerobics ended up being cancelled, so me and Kirsty said we'd go for a walk, but the weather was horrendous so it ended up not happening...ended up on a downer and went to the chippy :( glad my gym induction is next week so when aqua gets cancelled in future I can still get some exercise.

 Wednesday I had work again, and I stayed in town overnight, so I walked in to make myself feel a bit better, made sure I had my nutella on toast and a glass of orange juice first...getting good at having breakfast now! Went to Tesco on my way home yesterday and bought some of their 'ight choices' soup, it's 180 calories, 50p a tin, and tastes just as good as any other soup, sorted! Had that for lunch and me and Kim (colleague/friend) decided we're both gonna try get 6lb off by April 1st, dunno if I'll do it cos I won't lose anything this week, but will hammer the gym as of next week, wish I could've had my induction sooner! Met up with Dan, one of my best friends, and we went to a lovely indian place in Durham, I had a chicken balti (one of the lesser evil curries I hear) and a garlic naan bread (garlic is good for the heart :p), no started, no dessert, no pint of cider to wash it down with, it's a proud moment! Massive glass of water before bed as the curry got me parched!

 Thursday I got up early enough to have my usual breakfast, went for my wages and had a skinny frappe while I was waiting (skinny frappes taste no different to whole milk frappes), followed by a low calorie bbq chicken wrap from Boots and a bottle of water for between lectures we went to Starbucks and I got a 'whoopie pie' (tiny chocolate cake), and as soon as I bought it I kicked myself cos I'd completely forgot I shouldn't have it lol had a skinny cappucino tho so all isn't lost! On the evening I was really bad, I went to Lloyds curry club with Kirsty and had my usual balti and naan, but she got us onion bhaji's too and I devoured them, and washed them down with A LOT of alcohol, exhibit A:

I'm not doing good at all! I've given up cider tho and just stuck to vodka, I'm trying to make positives out of all of my mistakes as there's been so many!

 Friday I slept through breakfast so I made sure I had some juice when I got up, then had a tin of light choices tomato soup and a bun, then went to town and got a skinny frappe. Decided I have too much temptation so bought some weight watchers caramel slices, they're actually lovely! Had a pizza for tea and felt disgusting after, I've decided that was the last supper, and I'm only allowed a pizza in future if I can't remember the last time I had one, I did that last year and it ended up I only had one every 3 or 4 weeks :)

 Today I have had my breakfast, it's almost 3 o clock and I've not had lunch, I'm not hungry yet, but I'll have something soon :) was meant to be going for a meal with Tracey (good friend) but it's been cancelled, so I'm going to have pasta back, chicken and veg to be good :)

 Think I'm going to Barnard Castle with John tomorrow, might buy some sandwhiches en route so I can't be tempted to eat crap while I'm there! Aqua aerobics on Tuesday, Gym induction wednesday, then I'm going to go every time I'm in town, which I've worked out will be most days for at least the following week, so I'll get to undo this weeks damage after all!

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