Wednesday, 30 March 2011

no pain no gain!!!

Hi all!
 So it's been ages since I last wrote, so I'll start where I left off n bring you up to speed :)

 Last Tuesday was AWFUL!!! I had my usual healthy breakfast and lunch, but as mother nature paid me a visit and work was REALLY bad, I ended up snacking loads too. To make up for it, I walked to the gym, smashed out 600 calories while I was there, then walked back and just had soup for tea :)
 On Wednesday I was meant to get a tattoo, and in my excitement I missed breakfast so grabbed a cereal bar and ate it on my walk into town, then had a chicken sandwhich from Greggs and some crisps and a skinny frappe. My tattoo ended up being postponed as he got a migraine while he was doing Traceys tattoo, so was a bit disappointed but it couldn't be helped, but to top it off, I got a bad mark on a uni essay so felt a bit down :( had chicken, chips and salad for tea, then moped about til bed time.
 So I was meant to get my tattoo on Thursday instead, so I got up early and made sure I had my usual breakfast, got a skinny frappe while I was there but threw half of it away cos I felt sick with nerves lol my tattooist still had a migraine when I got there, so I fgot myself a new top so it wasn't a totally wasted journey! Had soup for lunch when I got back home and had chicken rogan josh with veg, rice and naan bread for tea, and some rice Pringles a bit later on.
 Friday is definately tattoo day, whoop!!! Had my breakfast and a skinny frappe, and munched on fruit pastels and lucozade throughout so I didn't go woozy, and here is the finished result...'s taken from the song 'King of the Rodeo' by Kings of Leon, and the stars are an old tattoo that I really don't like, I'm really pleased with it, going to get some more colour added to it though so it looks more like one whole tattoo :) was pretty knackered after as being tattoo'd wears me out, so went to the galley with Tracey and had a chicken burger and chips, naughty!!! Was naughty later too and went to TGI Fridays, but there was no other snacking, so I don't feel too guilty cos I know I'll work it off :)
 I walked to work on Saturday, had nutella on wholemeal toast and a skinny frappe for breakfast. For lunch I had half a tin of vegetable soup and a brown bun, it wasn't very nice and I was still hungry, so I had some malteasers :S I walked home from work and went to the gym too, was a bit disappointed cos I did half an hour on the cross trainer and only got 580 calories off :( I've decided I'm not going to have any pizza while I'm at bootcamp, so had one for tea, and that's it for 5 weeks, it's gonna be hard!
 On Sunday I slept in cos I'd been so tired, so had breakfast at lunch time, and for tea I made me and John some fajhita's with brown wraps, a bit of mash and a huge salad, followed by low cal ice cream and strawberries :)
 On Monday I drove to work, had my usual breakfast and lunch, and some strawberries with a bit of Nutella on them, was lush! I started bootcamp too, we got weighed and measured, which was horrible, felt so minging :( then we did a fitness test, which included being timed to see how many burpees, star jumps, sit ups, push ups, lunges and squats we can do in a minute, then we did the bleep is now Wednesday and my legs are still killing me! Me and John went out for tea after that, and seeing as I've ran out of my iron supplement, I had a burger, chips and salad...not the best thing I suppose but it was nice lol
 Yesterday morning I was in pain from bootcamp but I walked to work anyway, I figure if I keep snacking like I am then I'm going to have to get over it and power through and do any exercise I can, it's my own fault, so if I wanna eat then I'm going to have to work even harder! I had my usual breakfast and lunch, then pasta bake for tea, but there was too much so I left half. I had some strawberries, and had a couple of them with nutella, but I'm trying to go without lol
 Today I missed breakfast, but had my soup for lunch, and a bit of easter egg, then I'll have a yoghurt before bootcamp tonight and maybe an apple. Going to Frankie and Benny's with Kirsty tonight, so got to be good!
 I'm supposed to have lost 6lb by the first of April, but I haven't lost anything :( gonna step up my game now I'm at bootcamp, think I'm gonna have to hit the gym too if I want 2 stone off by July!!

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